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Welcome to Make Your Move...
  • image of a sold houseHomeownership is the American dream! Buying a house is the biggest, most important purchase of your life. It can be an intimidating process, but the stress and unwelcomed surprises can be minimized by being well informed.

    Make Your Move helps you determine

    • if you are ready for homeownership
    • the importance of your credit history in buying a home
    • what types of loans are available
    • and more...


    Make Your Move is a comprehensive home-buying guide. The objectives of this course are:

    • To help you understand all aspects of the home-buying process
    • To provide you the information you need to gain confidence in handling the home-buying process

    Also, you will learn:

    • The types of loan programs available
    • What lenders consider when deciding if you are creditworthy buyer
    • Types of fees involved with the purchase of a home
    • Legal documents you will be asked to sign when buying a home

    Make Your Move Process

    • Make Your Move is a 2.5 hour course, which is timed to ensure your participation
    • Make Your Move course fee is $45 per person online and can be paid by using VISA debit/credit card or pre-paid debit card
    • Your certificate of completion will be available when you complete the course in it's entirety and you've spent the minimum time requirement in the course. Call SurePath upon completion to receive your certificate.
    • Presenting this certificate does not guarantee that your financial institution will qualify you for a mortgage loan
    • FHA Back to Work Program: You must call 877-615-7873 to schedule an appointment.

    Let's Begin

    Step 1: Click here to register and make your payment

    Step 2: Once you register and pay you will receive your confirmation number, user ID and password (write them down or print the page), and the link to (you can also click on this link to begin the course) Make Your Move course. Oncce you have started, you can stop and return to continue where you left off at anytime. 

    Step 3: Call SurePath at 877-615-7873 to receive your certificate of completion.

    For further assistance call SurePath (CCCS) representatives at 877-615-7873 or contact us online.

    Make Your Move Disclosure Statement 
    • Completion of this course does not guarantee that you will qualify for a mortgage loan.
    • The fee for taking the course online is $45 per person
    • SurePath Financial Solutions  (Consumer Credit Counseling Service) is a member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling
    • Our counselors are HUD certified
    • SurePath (CCCS) does not pay or receive referrals of any kind


SurePath also offers pre-purchase homeowners education in person in our Camarillo and San Jose offices.
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