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Foreclosure Help
If you are like many people who are hurting financially in this economy, chances are you are in the verge of a possible foreclosure (if you are not there already). Foreclosures can get ugly really quick. The most important first thing to do is not procrastinate. The best alternative is to work with an accredited debt counseling company that will work on all debt such as your credit cards and that can provide advice and direction in dealing with a foreclosure. At SurePath Financial Solutions (Consumer Credit Counseling Service), we assist you with answers and the solutions to try and save your home from foreclosure.

You should never wait to act on something until it is too late. As soon as possible, start negotiating with the lenders. It becomes much easier to instill an emergency financial exit. The sooner you start, the more time you have to work out a solution to the problem. Contact SurePath Financial Solutions to speak with one of our debt counselors to help you get the answers and the facts you need.

A foreclosure is something that will haunt you for years to come. It will stay on your credit file for years. It is much better to try and make some type of negotiation versus fleeing the home and foreclosing on it. Destroying your credit is definitely something you do not want to do. Think about how bad credit may affect the rest of your life, even your children’s lives! Contact Surepath Finacial Solutions (Consumer Credit Counseling Service) today and speak to one of our accredited debt counselors. We are here to help.

The Foreclosure Freeze and Your Home

There are a lot of question circulating about the freeze on foreclosures and the effects it may have on homeowners. Below is a summary of the situation:

The head of a key congressional committee called on top U.S. mortgage lenders and banks to put a voluntarily mortgage freeze (stop) on foreclosures in all 50 states including DC until the banks' legal departments review their companies' procedures.

A total of 5 Banks (as of Oct 11, 2010) have agreed to undergo procedural investigations, some in all 50 states. The banks are Bank of America, GMAC, Ally Financial, PNC, JPMorgan. These banks continue to pay for the costs of maintaining seized and foreclosed home inventory until the end of the foreclosure freeze. The foreclosure freeze is estimated to last 90 days, but may have residual effects for years to come.

As you can see, there is much uncertainty and confusion regarding foreclosures and how to protect yourself. At SurePath Financial Solutions (Consumer Credit Counseling Service), we are watching the situation closely and will know how to best steer you through this very confusing time. Don’t delay, contact SurePath Financial Solutions (Consumer Credit Counseling Service) today and speak to one of our accredited debt counselors and save your home from foreclosure.

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