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Debt Solver Plan
Where to Start
If you have debt, you may be eligible to enroll in our (DSP) Debt Solver PlanTM. Our DSP will allow you to avoid taking the drastic measure of declaring bankruptcy or committing yourself to a long term debt consolidation loan that doesn't really solve the underlying problem.

Our Debt Solver Plan is a systematic debt management method designed to help our customers pay down their outstanding debt. Monthly deposits are made to SurePath. We distribute these funds to the clients' creditors.

The Debt Solver Plan may:
  • reduce interest
  • lower payments
  • reduce or waive late fees
  • eliminate collection calls
We even help you rebuild your credit after you have completed our program. Read and hear about what our customers think about the Debt Solver Plan.

A debt management program will negotiate special terms with your creditors, a greater portion of each payment is applied toward your balance. You can drastically cut your pay-off time down to 3-5 years. Click on this 
credit card calculator link to determine what your current costs are for your credit cards. The Debt Solver Plan will result in saving you thousands of hard earned dollars in finance charges.

image of a man thinking about SurePath's debt management plan1. Set an appointment

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2. Counselor creates a Debt Solver Plan payout
Together you and your counselor will review your financial situation. If your income and debt show you qualify and would benefit from a Debt Solver Program, a payout plan will be designed to meet your specific needs.  It is simple; and it can save you thousands in interest. Take the first step and get on the SurePath to financial freedom.

3. STOP the harassing phone calls!

Once you have enrolled in our Debt Solver Program, your creditors will be sent a proposal requesting concessions.

4. You become debt free!
Due to the eliminated or reduced interest rate(s), most of your payment will be paying off principal instead of interest. By cutting the pay off time down to 36-60 months, you can save thousands of dollars in finance charges.

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Read some frequently asked questions about our Debt Solver Plan.

Current Clients can access their 
Debt Solver Account 24 hours a day!

Our Debt Solver Program is currently available in the following states. If you don't see your state listed, please check back soon as we continue to expand our services nationwide.

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What is a Debt Management Plan?

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