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Bankruptcy Counseling and Education


It is the Client's responsibility to submit bankruptcy certificate to the court

Bankruptcy Counseling
(Complete prior to filing for bankruptcy)

Internet Counseling $40
(Individual or Joint)

For your convenience, you can complete the online counseling forms in an individual session or in multiple sessions. If you are filing jointly, just complete the online session together. Click here for a list of states approved for SurePath to issue certificates.

Start your online session here.

Phone or In-Person Counseling $75
(Individual or Joint)

Gather your financial information together and call 877-615-7873 (SURE) to speak with a Certified Credit Counselor. We can conduct your session at that time.

If you prefer, we can schedule you for an in-person appointment at one of our convenient California locations: Camarillo, San Jose, or Watsonville.


Bankruptcy Education
(Complete after you file and within 60 days from creditor meeting)

Online Video Education Course $20/$25 Joint

State of the art video education program Life or Debt is fun and easy to use. You can complete the course in one or multiple sessions at your convenience. Click here for a list of states approved for SurePath to issue certificates.

Begin the course here. Joint filers must complete the course separately. After payment, each user will receive an email containing their personal log in information. You CAN NOT take the course together.

Call 877-615-7873 (SURE) to register.  Please have your debit card, bankruptcy case number and driver's license numbers.


  Online counseling is available in English and Spanish. For any other language needs please call our office.



image of couple getting counseled for bankruptcyBankruptcy law  requires all consumers complete a counseling session prior to filing for bankruptcy and an education program prior to the discharge of their debt.  SurePath Financial Solutions  (Consumer Credit Counseling Service) is approved to issue both pre-filing bankruptcy counseling certificates and pre-discharge education bankruptcy certificates.

You have made the right choice to contact SurePath (CCCS). We offer you a choice of in-person, phone, or internet to receive your pre-filing bankruptcy certificate.  Our Certified Counselors will help you through this difficult time by insuring you understand the pros, cons, and alternatives to bankruptcy. You will also learn about the steps to filing bankruptcy and the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13..  Pre-discharge bankruptcy education certificates are offered during a teleconference workshop or through an online education program.  Both bankruptcy education programs will help you plan for life after bankruptcy, including establishing a spending plan, setting goals,  and managing debt 

SurePath (CCCS) is approved to issue certificates in compliance with the Bankruptcy Code. Approval does not endorse or assure the quality of an Agency's services.

Take a minute to review some information that may help save your home! 


Attorneys, take a minute to review some information regarding our services.

During normal business hours, SurePath (CCCS) will issue your certificate within 2 hours

William from Oxnard, CA
writes : "I wanted to take a minute to say THANKS to all of you for your advice, guidance and suggestions during some very difficult times for us."

"It is hard to believe that in July of last year we had hit the bottom (financially speaking) and we did not know who to turn to or what to do. With your help you laid out a Plan and course of action which we followed precisely! Now just over 6 months later we have not only been through our personal BK and discharge, but now it appears that SurePath has been instrumental in working with our mortgage lender to get us a loan modification approval which we received yesterday. Needless to say with everything we are hearing in the media we did not hold much hope that this modification would ever really happen...we are pleased to say you proved us wrong!"

"Thanks again for the "map" as we are on the road to recovery and you have no idea how much you have helped my family and our quality of life. I want to tell everyone out there the painful lessons we have learned about abusing credit and only wish we had learned this lesson when I was in my early 20's...and not at nearly 50 years old!"

SurePath (CCCS) waives fees based on our fee waiver policy.












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