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How To File For Bankruptcy

How to file for bankruptcy?  This is a question that is asked more frequently as individuals face recession, housing lending crisis, mortgage and foreclosure difficulties.  Citizens have been inordinately affected by the collapse of the housing bubble and the mortgage meltdown.  Get some sound advice before you consider filing for bankruptcy.  SurePath Financial Solutions  (Consumer Credit Counseling Service) has offered consumer debt counseling services for over 44 years and is in full compliance with state and federal laws, a member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling and in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and local chambers of commerce.

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Filing personal bankruptcy is step that should be avoided if possible as your credit will be damaged and your ability to get a loan will be drastically reduced or impossible.  But, we understand that in a recession and with the current economic environment, personal bankruptcy is unavoidable for many people.  There are many steps to filing bankruptcy and SurePath (CCCS) can assist you in the process.

  • First, let us take a look at your finances and see if it is possible to avoid filing bankruptcy
  • One of our representatives will review your debt, credit reports, look at budgets and help you determine your options
  • If you agree to work with creditors we will attempt to reduce fees and structure payments that you can meet
  • If you have decided on bankruptcy, we are fully accredited to offer the federally mandated, Bankruptcy Pre-Filing session
  • We can provide you with information on court filing fees and forms, if you meet the criteria court fees may be waived for hardship cases
  • Personal bankruptcy filing fees are $299 for Chapter 7 or $274 for Chapter 13
  • Two hour Pre-Discharge Education class and certificates=Services for attorneys with clients filing bankruptcy
  • We are accredited with the Council on Accreditation, BBBOnline, and the NFCC

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